UFC Agenda, Dec 1, 2021

UFC Agenda (DRAFT as of 11.24.21)

– December 1, 2021 (4:00 p.m.; remote via Zoom)

I. Call to Order, K. Marsh

II. Meeting Minutes

Approval of October 20, 2021 UFC Meeting Minutes

III. Reports

1. President Troy Paino
2. Provost Tim O’Donnell
3. College Deans

-Dean Pete Kelly, CoE 
-Dean Keith Mellinger, CAS  
-Dean Ken Machande, CoB

4. SGA Representative’s Report (Brianna Reeves)
5. USC Representative’s Report (Justin Wilkes) BOV Report
6. UFC Chair’s Report (Kristin Marsh) FSVA Report 10.23.21 UFC Report to BOV

7. UFC Vice Chair’s Report (Rachel Graefe-Anderson)
8. Faculty Senate of Virginia Report (Marcel Rotter)

9. University Committees – UFC acceptance of Minutes/Reports
University Academic Affairs Committee (draft minutes 11.18.21)
University Budget Advisory Committee (minutes 10.18.21) (10.25.21) (11.1.21) (fall report 2021)
University Curriculum Committee (minutes 11.20.21)
University Faculty Affairs Committee (minutes 11.8.21)
University Faculty Organization Committee (minutes 11.8.21)
University General Education Committee (no minutes)
University Sabbaticals, Fellowships & Faculty Awards Committee (update from 9.29.21)
University Student Affairs & Campus Life Advisory Committee (minutes 9.4.21, 10.4.21, 11.17.21)
Bachelor of Liberal Studies (BLS) Committee (no minutes)
Digital Intensive Committee (no minutes; action items listed below)
Distance and Blended Learning Committee (minutes 11/15/21)
First Year Seminar Committee (minutes 11/4/21)
Honors Program Committee (no minutes)
James Farmer Multicultural Center Advisory Committee (no minutes)
Journalism Advisory Committee (minutes 11.4.21)
Speaking Intensive Committee (no minutes; action items listed below)
Teaching Center Advisory Committee (minutes 11.15.21)
Writing Intensive Committee (minutes 11.12.21)

IV. Committee Action Items for UFC Approval (Curricular Approvals)

-Speaking Intensive Committee (from meeting 11.9.21)

-FSEM Committee (from meeting 11.4.21)

-Digital Intensive Committee (submitted 11.23.21)

-Distance & Blended Learning Committee (from meeting 11.15.21)

-Writing Intensive Committee (from meeting 11.12.21)

-University Curriculum Committee (approvals as detailed in minutes from 11.20.21)

-University General Education Committee (no curricular approvals submitted, as of 11.24.21)

V. Unfinished Business

  1. UFC Motion for Faculty Equity study. Motion offered in consultation with UFAC and UBAC (UFAC original recommendation and UBAC report attached at end of motion).
  2. UFAC Discussion of Space Equity with recommendations for greater transparency and rational protocol for space distribution, from UFAC meeting 10.13.21

VI. New Business

  1. Motion on clarification of WI/SI requirements for double majors (sponsor: Miriam Liss)
  2. Motion from UBAC: changes to committee membership for Faculty Handbook
  3. Discussion and motion of support for CoB changes to Section J of Faculty Handbook, as unanimously passed by UFAC (and as discussed in UFAC meeting minutes 11.8.21; see above)
  4. Motion from TCAC: changes to Faculty Handbook
  5. ??? UAAC discussion of January term/faculty survey.

VII. Announcements

  1. UFC reps and Committees approving curriculum changes: deadline reminder and update.
  2. The next regularly scheduled UFC meeting is Wednesday, Feb 2, 2022 at 4:00 p.m. (via Zoom).

In the meantime, happy grading, and wishing you a healthy and restorative winter break.   

VIII. Adjournment

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