Speaking Intensive Committee

SI Course Proposal Deadlines: Interested in having your course designated as Speaking Intensive? Faculty should submit proposals through CIM: https://provost.umw.edu/umw-curriculum-approval-process/. Here are the 2022-2023 deadlines:

  • 9/6/2022– Proposals due to the Committee for Spring 2023 semester delivery
  • 11/4/2022 – Proposals due to the Committee for Summer 2023 semester delivery
  • 1/27/2023 – Proposals due to the Committee for Fall 2023 semester delivery

Feel free to contact the committee chair, or anyone on the SI Committee, for assistance in preparing your proposal. Please include a copy of your syllabus, as well as copies of related assignments and evaluation criteria. You can find a list of courses approved as Speaking Intensive by the committee here: http://academics.umw.edu/speaking/faculty/speaking-intensive-course-list-courses-approved-by-the-si-committee/. For more information about the Speaking Intensive requirement, as well as resources for SI instructors, go to: https://academics.umw.edu/speaking/faculty/.  For an overview of the proposal process, click here: http://academics.umw.edu/speaking/files/2022/09/SI-Proposal-Process.pdf.

MEETING DATES for 2022/2023

  • August 31, 2022 at 2pm
  • October 3, 2022 at 3pm
  • November 14, 2022 at 3pm
  • March 15, 2023 at Noon


  • Speaking Intensive Committee 
    • 2023 Bridgette Dennett, Assistant Professor, THEA, CAS
    • 2023 Jennifer Polack, Professor, CPSC, CAS
    • 2024 Erin Palmwood, Assistant Professor, Psychology, CAS, Secretary
    • 2025 Leanna Giancarlo, Associate Professor, CHEM, CAS
    • 2025 Erin Devlin, Associate Professor, AMST, CAS
  • Ex Officio Membership
    • Adria Goldman (Associate Professor, CDS, CAS), SI Program Director, Chair
    • Leah Schweitzer, Director of the Speaking and Writing Center


2.8.4 The committee’s duties are to:

.1 Study and recommend to the University Faculty Council procedures and criteria for approval, deletion, and alteration of course offerings in the speaking intensive Across-the-Curriculum requirement;

.2 Review and approve or reject proposals from the various departments for courses to be designated speaking intensive;

.3 Review at its discretion the frequency of offering and general relevance of courses so designated and make recommendations for changes as appropriate;

.4 Perform any and all additional duties, such as evaluating transfer credit, pertaining to this committee at the request of the committee’s chair;

.5 Make information available regarding the procedures and deadlines for proposing courses to the general education committee; and

.6 Perform other duties as assigned by the UFC.