University Sabbaticals, Fellowships & Faculty Awards Committee

2022-2023 DATES

  • Jepson Fellowship Application Due Date: September 12, 2022
  • Sabbatical Application Due Date: September 12, 2022
  • Waple Professorship Application Due Date: December 5 (submitted to college deans)
  • Faculty Awards (see and Due Dates:
    • March 13, 2023 for the Board of Visitors Faculty Leadership Award
    • March 27, 2023 for all other faculty awards


  • 2023 Wei Chen (Associate Professor, COB Rep.)
  • 2023 Kyle T. Schultz (Associate Professor, COE Rep.) –  Chair
  • 2024 Josephine Antwi (Assistant Professor, CAS Health, PE, & STEM Rep.) – Secretary
  • 2025 Ben LeBreche (Associate Professor, CAS Arts and Humanities Rep.)
  • 2025 Marco Millones Mayer (Associate Professor, CAS Social Sciences Rep.)


TBD, Title


2.6.7  The committee’s duties are to:

.1 Recommend to the Provost which sabbatical applications (as sent forward to the Provost from the deans) and which Jepson Fellowship proposals should be presented to the Board of Visitors for their approval and subsequent funding;

.2 Recommend to the Provost the faculty members who should receive the Grellet C. Simpson Award, the Graduate Faculty Award, the Outstanding Young Faculty Award, and the Topher Bill Service Award;

.3 Recommend to the Provost which faculty members should be selected as UMW’s nominees for the SCHEV Outstanding Faculty Award;

.4 Study and recommend to the University Faculty Council and the Provost, as appropriate, changes in policies, application procedures, and evaluation criteria to be applied concerning university-wide faculty development grants, sabbaticals, Jepson Fellowships, and UMW faculty awards; and

.5 Perform other duties as assigned by the University Faculty Council.