Bachelor of Liberal Studies (BLS) Committee


Meeting Dates:

  • Sept. 3, 2021
  • Oct. 1, 2021
  • Nov. 12, 2021
  • Dec. 3, 2021

BLS Committee Members

  • 2022 Abbie Tomba, Associate, BIOL, CAS, Chair
  • 2025 Varun Makhija, Assistant, CHPH, CAS, Secretary
  • 2022 Sushma Subramanian, Assistant, CDS, CAS
  • 2024 Kelly Yoon, Assistant, CoB
  • 2024 Bridget Brew, Assistant, SOAN, CAS

Ex Officio (non-voting) Member:

  • Ana Chichester, BLS director

Student Representative (non-voting):

  • Elizabeth Goodloe

2.8.1 Bachelor of Liberal Studies Committee

The committee consists of five appointed faculty members and a non-voting ex officio member, the Director of the Bachelor of Liberal Studies (BLS) Degree Program. In addition, one student, appointed by the Director of the BLS Degree Program, serves as a non-voting member. Appointed faculty members serve three-year staggered terms, beginning with the fall semester following their appointment. The committee’s duties are to:

.1 Evaluate BLS admissions policies as needed;

.2 Review and advise the Office of Admissions regarding recruitment and marketing strategies for the BLS program;

.3 Review and approve BLS special majors;

.4 Evaluate portfolio credit policies as needed;

.5 Review BLS degree requirements, including general education credits;

.6 Review BLS program assessments and make recommendations as needed;

.7 Review and approve requests for exceptions to BLS policies; and

.8 Perform other duties consistent with its charge as assigned by the University Faculty Council.