University Faculty Organization Committee


F, Aug 24 R, Nov 8


  • 2019 Suzanne Sumner (Professor, CAS), Co-Chair
  • 2019 Mike Lapke (Assistant, COB)
  • 2020 Janine Davis (Assistant, COE), Co-Chair
  • 2020 Wei Chen (Associate, COB)
  • 2021 Christy Irish (Assistant, COE)
  • 2021 Don Lee (Assistant, CAS), Secretary


2.6.6  The committee’s duties are to:

.1 Coordinate elections of at-large members to University-level committees;

.2 Oversee appointments to University-level committees. The committee shall ensure appropriate representation of each college;

.3 Consult with administrators and program directors regarding formation of University-level advisory committees and other University-level special or ad hoc committees and make appropriate recommendations to the University Faculty Council;

.4 Periodically review the University-level system of faculty governance and make recommendations to the University Faculty Council for revision as needed to ensure fairness and efficiency;

.5 Periodically review the systems of faculty governance in each College to ensure that they function in accordance with section 2.9.2 of this Handbook;

.6 Review and recommend for University Faculty Council action proposals for new faculty committees (standing or ad hoc) and for any changes in the University-level committee structure;

.7 Monitor operation of a digital or electronic archive of all University-level committee reports; and

.8 Perform other duties as assigned by the University Faculty Council.

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