University General Education Committee

New General Education Curriculum:

2020 General Education Curriculum

2020 General Education Curriculum Student Learning Outcomes (approved by the University Faculty Council on 9/11/19)


September 7, 2020

General Education Committee Meeting Minutes 9-7-20

October 5, 2020

General Education Committee Action Items October 5 2020

November 9, 2020

General Education Committee Action Items November 9 2020

Substitution for Intermediate Competency in Second Language

Application for Language Substitution Courses-Updated

Language Course Substitutions 10-2020

Gen Ed 11-9-20 Minutes

December 7, 2020

General Education Committee Action Items December 7 2020

Gen Ed Committee 12.7 Minutes

February 1, 2021

General Education Committee Action Items 2-1-21

Gen Ed 2.1 Minutes Final

March 15, 2021

Gen Ed 3.15 Action Items

Gen Ed 3.15 Minutes

March 29, 2021

General Education Committee Action Items – 3-29-21

Gen Ed 3.29 Minutes-Finalv3

September 15, 2021

Gen Ed Minutes 9.15.21

October 13, 2021

Gen Ed Minutes 10.13.21

November 17, 2021

Gen Ed Minutes 11.17.2021

January 19, 2022

Gen Ed Minutes 1.19.2022

February 23, 2022

Gen Ed Minutes 2.23.2022

March 16, 2022

Gen Ed Minutes 3.16.2022

March 30, 2022

Gen Ed Minutes 3.30.2022

All meetings are 4:00-5:30 pm and will be held electronically via Zoom. Contact the Chair for the meeting link if you wish to attend.

Requests for re-evaluation of transfer courses for general education credit will be considered at all meetings.

Please note that the committee will only be accepting course proposals for designation for the new general education curriculum. Course proposals must be received by the committee by the November meeting in order to be considered for inclusion in the catalog for 2022-2023.



  • 2022 Christy Irish (Assistant, COE)
  • 2023 Leslie Martin (Associate, SOAN, CAS)
  • 2023 Robert Rycroft (Full, ECON, CAS) – Chair
  • 2024 Michael Reno (Lecturer, CPR, CAS)
  • 2024 Marc Williams (Assistant, CAS) – Secretary


The committee also includes the following nonvoting ex officio members or their designees: the Provost, the Associate Provost for Institutional Analysis and Effectiveness, and the Registrar.


2.6.7  The committee’s duties are to:

.1 Maintain the philosophy, for all undergraduate degrees, of the general education curriculum as a fundamental component of a liberal arts education;

.2 Establish procedures and criteria for the approval, deletion, and alteration of courses fulfilling the requirements of the general education curriculum;

.3 Review and approve or reject proposals for courses to be designated general education courses, once those courses have been approved by the University Curriculum Committee;

.4 Review and evaluate general education courses on a scheduled and on-going basis to ensure that courses continue to fulfill the relevant general education course criteria, making suggestions for course revisions or removal from the general education curriculum as appropriate;

.5 Perform any and all additional duties pertaining to this committee at the request of the University Faculty Council or the committee chair; and

.6 Make information available regarding the procedures and deadlines for proposing courses to the general education committee.


Committee Forms:

Request for Reevaluation of Transfer Credit Form (2008 General Education Requirements)

2020 General Education Curriculum

2008 General Education Requirements Learning Outcomes

2008 General Education Course Category Descriptions