University Budget Advisory Committee


  • Monday, Aug 30, 2-3 p.m.
  • The Budget Advisory Committee meets multiple times each month.


  • At-Large
    • 2022 Nabil Al-Tikriti (Professor, CAS)
    • 2022 Randall Helmstutler (Associate, CAS)
    • 2022 Suzanne Sumner (Professor, CAS)
    • 2023 Laura Bylenok (Assistant, CAS)-Secretary
  • College Representatives
    • 2022 Chris Garcia (Associate, COB)
    • 2022 Kyle Schultz (Associate, COE)
    • 2023 Liane Houghtalin (Professor, CAS)-Chair
  • USC Representatives
    • Arin Doerfler (Sr. Accountant-Fixed Assets)
    • Kim McManus-Carini (Operations and Finance Coordinator)
    • Marta Smith (Asst. Controller-Compliance)
  • Athletics Representative
    • Patrick Catullo (Director of Athletics)
  • SGA Representative
    • TBD


2.6.2 The committee’s duties are to:

.1 Work in an advisory fashion with the Provost and Chief Academic Officer (CAO), the Vice President for Administration and Finance (CFO), the Vice President for Advancement and University Relations, and the Chief Executive Officer and President of the UMW Foundation on short- and long-term University budget priorities, broadly conceived, including planning, the operating budget and capital improvements, fundraising, and development. The recommendations for priorities will be communicated to the President via the CFO or the CAO;

.2 Indicate the committee’s priorities for the present budgeting year through an annual review process and summarize their priorities on future budgets to the CFO, CAO, and the UFC in a report due no later than mid-November;

.3 Communicate the committee’s recommendations to the UFC in a report no later than mid March and the results of the President’s decisions to the UFC in a report as soon as possible;

.4 In times of financial exigency, the Budget Advisory Committee assists the President, Provost, and Vice Presidents in developing principles and setting priorities for budget reductions; and

.5 Perform other duties as assigned by the University Faculty Council.