University Faculty Affairs Committee


  • At-Large
    • Jennifer Barry (Associate Professor, CLPR) (2024)
    • Caitie Finlayson (Associate Professor, GEOG) (2023), CHAIR 2022-23
    • Jessica Zeitz (Associate Professor, CPSC) (2025)
  • College Representatives
    • Lance Gentry (Professor, COB) (2023), SECRETARY 2022-23
    • Miriam Liss (Professor, CAS) (2025)
    • Kyle Schultz (Associate Professor, COE) (2024)


    • August 25
    • September 29
    • TBD


2.6.3 University Faculty Affairs Committee

The committee consists of six full-time faculty members with a minimum of three years’ affiliation with the University at the commencement of service: one representative from each College and three elected from the faculty at-large.  Members representing each college shall be tenured or tenure-track. Faculty from the renewable term ranks are eligible candidates for an at-large position (see Handbook section 3.3.1), and are encouraged to seek nomination. The committee’s duties are to:

.1 Serve as the liaison between the Colleges and the University Faculty Council on matters relating to faculty affairs;

.2 Ensure that criteria and procedures for evaluation, promotion and tenure of each College (as approved by each College) adhere to the guidelines established in the University Faculty Handbook;

.3 Study and recommend changes in University-level promotion and tenure policies and procedures to the University Faculty Council;

.4 Study and recommend changes in University-level policy and procedures on faculty evaluation and merit pay to the University Faculty Council;

.5 Study and recommend to the University Faculty Council action concerning University-level policies on continuing and adjunct faculty welfare and formulate and present to the University Faculty Council recommendations concerning workload distribution, academic leave, compensation, and employee benefits; and

.6 Perform other actions as assigned by the University Faculty Council.

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