Journalism Advisory Committee

2022 Steven E. Harris, Associate Professor, HISA, CAS, Chair

2022 Jennifer Mailloux, Associate Professor, PSYC, CAS, Secretary 

2024 Kimberley Kinsley, Senior Lecturer, COB

2024 Marie McAllister, Professor, ENLI, CAS 

Ex officio

Sushma Subramanian, Assistant Professor and Journalism Faculty Advisor, COMM, CAS

Juliette Landphair, Vice President for Student Affairs


2.8.7  Journalism Advisory Committee    The committee consists of four appointed faculty members and two non-voting ex officio members. At least three of the faculty members are to be tenured professors, preferably full professors, to be appointed as described in section 2.7.2 of the Faculty Handbook. A seventh committee member who is a member of the community with journalism experience may also be appointed. This external member will be nominated by the Journalism Advisory Committee and approved by the UFOC. The non-voting ex officio members will be the Vice President for Student Affairs and the Faculty Advisor to the Blue and Gray Press. Appointed faculty members serve three-year staggered terms, beginning with the fall semester following their appointment. The committee’s duties are to:

.1 Advise the Faculty Advisor on editorial policies for the Blue and Gray Press including print, digital platforms, and related social media accounts;

.2 Advise administration on policies regarding student journalism including, but not limited to, the appointment and support of the Faculty Advisor for the Blue and Gray Press;

.3 Convene, at the request of the Faculty Advisor for the Blue and Gray Press, to consider issues of concern to the Faculty Advisor, including any issues raised by individual members of the UMW community in response to student publications;

.4 Consider expanding its purview in response to requests from faculty advisors to new student journalism groups; and

.5 Perform other duties consistent with its charge as assigned by the University Faculty Council.