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2012-13 Minutes:

University Academic Affairs Committee Meeting Minutes

Friday, September 21, 2012 12:00 pm.


Present: Nicole Crowder, Zach Whalen, Xiaofeng Zhao, Fred Pierce, Nicole Myers, Jane Huffman

I.                     Call to Order

Called to order at 12:00 PM in Jepson 109.


  1. II.                Approval of Minutes from April 18, 2012 Meting.

Approved as submitted.


  1. III.             Old Business
    1. Results of our motion regarding Credit Hour Requirements.

Our motion regarding credit hour requirements was passed as amended below:

Students completing internships must have a UMW GPA of 2.0. Remove the 58-hour credit requirement, while retaining the provision that 12 be credits earned at UMW.


The new contract for internships has already been changed, and the policy is correct on the website and DAR.


  1. Reconsidering Disallowing Pass/Fail credit for Prerequisites.

The proposal on Pre-requisite courses was reviewed. We spoke briefly about it at the last meeting and did not come to resolution.


Nicole Crowder described: In the DAR, Major Courses in the Major: Constraints Upon Them: there is a list of the types of courses that are in the major. Category 4 would be the classes with which the proposal is concerned. Because these courses are not officially part of the major, they are not used in calculating the major GPA. However, it might be a good thing to have them taken as a grade for the reasons outlined in the proposal.


Fred Pierce explained: There needs to be a description of the pre-req in the course description with regards to the pass/fail option. In the past this was not done because of concerns that it could not be handled in Banner. However, that is no longer the case.

Fred Pierce’s Enrollment Mangement Dept’s suggestion was to have departments determine what they want in the course description, as this would be a cleaner change, i.e., articulated in the course description, “Chem 112, C or above.” This would show that it needs to be taken for a grade instead of pass/fail to move on. The suggestion was made to push it back to dept chairs to determine this through their course descriptions. Fred Pierce indicated that Ian Newbold has asked that we look at pre-reqs to help students move through the curriculum more smoothly. This issue was tabled pending this departmental review.


Pass/Fail at most institutions is set up in a way that allows students to explore other classes without the fear of failure and the impact on their GPA.


  1. IV.             New Business:


DAR Review:


Nicole C suggested that we review the changes we made at the end of the last academic year to ensure that they are in the current DAR. Fred Pierce reports that the PDF version will be placed online soon. Review of current PDF: Rose Wagner is the designated DAR contact person. The entire document will be addressed this academic year.


SAACs documentation– a question has come up regarding that we do not hand students the DAR and that we cannot show that we discuss it with students.


Fred Pierce mentioned that it is his recommendation to re-evaluate the DAR and whether the information in this should be placed in the catalog instead of having policies explained in two places. This may be a good time to look at this during the Re-Accreditation process.


Fred Pierce asked what is in the DAR that does not exist in the catalog and if this information is in the catalog would we need a DAR? Fred Pierce indicated we need to treat the catalog as a contract with the students and explained that the DAR was in place to capture changes in between catalogs when we did catalogs every two years.


Jane Huffman suggested we look at both to determine what the impact would be to the catalog should we incorporate the additional information in the DAR to the catalog and then share this information with John Morello.


Edits to DAR:

Major Declaration: this procedure was changed and is changed already on the online version. Declaration was not changed under Advising, Academic. This will be changed.


Registration: We are no longer using RPNs for registration. This will be changed.


IB, Cambridge, and AP: Language is slightly different for each of these, i.e. – AP has a link to the course credit chart, the others do not; IB has information on deadlines for credit, etc.

Language should be uniform whenever possible.



Nicole C moved to adjourn at 1:45 p.m.



Next Meeting: Friday, October 19th – noon, Jepson 109