UFC Agenda, October 19, 2022 3:30pm DRAFT


–October 19, 2022 3:30 pm (remote via zoom)

I. Call to Order

II. Meeting Minutes

III. Reports

  • President Troy Paino – October 2022 Report
  • Provost Tim O’Donnell – October 17, 2022
  • Deans
    • Dean Pete Kelly CoE
    • Dean Keith Mellinger CAS
    • Dean Ken Machande CoB – No Report
  • SGA Representative (Joseph Zeldin) – Video Report October 19, 2022
  • USC Representative (Charles Tate)
  • UFC Chair (Rachel Graefe-Anderson) – No Report
  • UFC Vice Chair (Suzanne Sumner)
  • Faculty Senate of Virginia (Marcel Rotter)

IV. University Committees – minutes

  • University Academic Affairs Committee – Minutes Sept 29, 2022
  • University Budget Advisory Committee – Minutes Sept 8, 2022, Minutes Sept 15, 2022
  • University Curriculum Committee – Minutes Oct 7, 2022
  • University Faculty Affairs Committee – Minutes Sept 29, 2022
  • University Faculty Organization Committee – Minutes Sept 23, 2022
  • University General Education Committee – Minutes Oct 5, 2022
  • University Sabbaticals, Fellowships, and Faculty Awards Committee
  • University Student Affairs and Campus Life Advisory Committee – Minutes Sept 14, 2022
  • Bachelor of Liberal Studies Committee –
  • Digital Intensive Committee –
  • Distance and Blended Learning Committee –
  • First-Year Seminar Committee –
  • Honors Program Committee –
  • James Farmer Multicultural Center Advisory Committee –
  • Journalism Advisory Committee –
  • Speaking Intensive Committee – Minutes Oct 3, 2022
  • Writing Intensive Committee –

V. University Committees – action items

  • Speaking Intensive Committee Action Items
  • University General Education Committee Action Items
    • MUPR 275A, Indian Music Ensemble approved for Arts and Literature
    • PSYC 352, Cultural Psychology approved for Diverse and Global Perspectives
    • SOCG 481, The Road Ahead: Career Planning and Changemaking with a Sociology Degree approved for After Mary Washington
    • CONS 496, Research in Conservation approved for Beyond the Classroom
    • SPANB 415, Advanced Conversation approved for Community Engagement
  • UCC Action Items
    • New Courses
      • EDUC 511 – Inclusive Practices in Education
      • EDUC 520 – Foundations of Educational Research
    • Change Program – Remove EDCI 538 from Master of Education Program
    • New Program – Master of Education + 1
      • Master of Education +1 for Instructional ImprovementThe proposal was approved with an amendment to change the title to, Master of Education for Instructional Improvement. No SCHEV approval is required. The committee reviewed the proposal in CIM and the motion to approve passed


Unfinished Business

  • SACSCOC QEP Update – Link to QEP Update Overview Document
  • Ongoing Discussion on Faculty Morale and Faculty Governance
    • UFAC Motions
      • The committee would like to recommend that the UFC consider eliminating the
        University Curriculum Committee. Since the UFC has to approve all committee action
        items, the UCC seems redundant.
      • The committee would also like the UFC to discuss changes to the faculty governance
        structure to reduce the service burden on the smaller colleges, improve cross-disciplinary
        collaboration, and improve faculty morale by allowing faculty to feel like they have more
        of a voice in decision-making and a clear line of communication. Is the faculty senate
        model more common across the state of Virginia? How often do UFC members hear from
        their constituents? How might this communication be improved by shifting to a senate
  • Honor Council Motion:  Proposed changes to Faculty Handbook

VII.  New Business

  • (For future meeting) – Calendar and alternative term considerations (ongoing) and updates

VIII.  Announcements

  • The next regularly scheduled meeting of the UFC will be Wednesday, November 30 at 3:30pm (virtual via zoom)

IX. Adjournment