Agenda, November 30, 2022


–Nov 30, 2022, 3:30pm-5:30pm (remote via zoom)

I. Call to Order

II. Meeting Minutes

III. Reports

IV. University Committees – minutes

V. University Committees – action items

  • Writing Intensive Committee Action Items
  • Speaking Intensive Committee Action Items
  • First-year Seminar Committee Action Items
  • University Curriculum Committee Action Items
    • Course Change Proposals
      • INDT 501: Instructional Technologies – change description, approved
      • PSYC: 261 Intro to Statistics for Psych with Lab – increase credit, change title, approved
      • PSYC 362: Research Methods for Psych – decrease credit, change description, approved
      • PSYC 411: Research Seminar in Psychopathology … with Lab – increase credit, change title, description, and prerequisite, approved
      • PSYC 412: Research Seminar in Biological Psych with Lab – increase credit, change title, and prerequisite, approved
      • PSYC 413: Research Seminar in Cognition or Learning with Lab – increase credit, change title, and prerequisite, approved
      • PSYC 414: Research Seminar in Developmental Psych with Lab– increase credit, change title, and prerequisite, approved
    • New Course Proposals
      • EDUC 401: Instructional Technologies, approved
      • EDUC 498: Advanced Special Topics in Education, approved
      • IDIS 311: Intro to Disability Studies, approved
      • MKTG 370: Ecotourism, approved
      • PSYC 352: Cultural Psychology, approved
      • SOCG 356: Environmental Justice, approved
      • SOCG 481: The Road Ahead …, approved
    • Program Change Proposals
      • American Studies Major – add electives, approved
      • Cybersecurity Major – change required course (no longer have a choice because need WI in major), proposal approved
      • Elementary Education Major –, proposal approved
      • Environmental Geology Major – add electives, approved
      • Geology Major – add required course, approved
      • Leadership & Management Studies (BLS only) – replaced required course for one that is no longer taught (CIST 301 replaced with MIST 201) approved
      • International Business Major – revise/add electives, approved
      • Neuroscience Minor – allow greater choice in electives, approved
      • Philosophy Major – add elective to track, approved
      • Philosophy Major: Pre-Law Concentration – added elective, approved
      • Psychology Major – numerous changes (requirements, electives, credits, descriptions) approved
    • New Program Proposals
      • Data Science – approved
  • University General Education Committee Action Items
    • Arts and Literature – Action item:  The Committee approved SPAN 215B: The Thrill of Crime in Hispanic Literature and Film
    • Diverse and Global Perspectives – Action item:  The Committee approved ANTH 342: Touring Cultures
    • Diverse and Global Perspectives – Action item:  The Committee approved HISP 330: Diversity in Preservation
    • After Mary Washington:  Action item:  The Committee approved ARTS 474:  Professional Practice
  • Distance and Blended Learning Committee Action Items November 11, 2022

VI. Unfinished Business

  • J-Term/Alternative Terms – survey results and recommendations
  • UFOC update
  • Reminder of curriculum proposal deadlines
  • Resolution in support of UVA

VII.  New Business

  • (For future meeting) – Academic Calendar

VIII.  Announcements

  • The next regularly scheduled meeting of the UFC will be FRIDAY, January 20 at 3:30pm (virtual via zoom)

IX. Adjournment