UFC Agenda – February 3, 2021

February 3, 2021 UFC Meeting (4:00PM; remote via Zoom)

I. Call to Order

II. Meeting Minutes

Draft Minutes – December 2, 2020 UFC Meeting

III. Reports

1. President Paino
2. Provost Mikhalevsky
3. College Deans

Dean Pete Kelly, CoE   
-Dean Keith Mellinger, CAS
-Dean Lynne Richardson, CoB  – no report  

5. SGA Representative’s Report (Kyree Ford)  – no report
6. SAC Representative’s Report (Michelle Pickham)  – no report
7. UFC Chair’s Report (Andrew Dolby)
8. UFC Vice Chair’s Report (Ken Machande) – no report
9. Faculty Senate of Virginia (Marcel Rotter)
10. University Committees – minutes, reports, and action items

University Academic Affairs Committee
.      Action Items December 4
University Budget Advisory Committee
.      Meeting minutes December 3
University Curriculum Committee
.      Meeting minutes November 20
University Faculty Affairs Committee
.      Meeting minutes November 12
.      Action Item November 12
University Faculty Organization Committee
.      Meeting minutes November 12
University General Education Committee
.      Action Items November 9
.      Substitution for Intermediate Competency in Second Language
University Sabbaticals, Fellowships & Faculty Awards Committee
no report
University Student Affairs & Campus Life Advisory Committee
.        Meeting minutes November 16
Bachelor of Liberal Studies (BLS) Committee
.        Meeting minutes October 20
Distance and Blended Learning Committee
.        Meeting minutes November 13
First Year Seminar Committee
.        Meeting minutes December 18
Honors Program Committee
.        Meeting minutes November 13
.         Action Items November
James Farmer Multicultural Center Advisory Committee
.         Meeting minutes November 13
.         Programming Report November
Journalism Advisory Committee
.         Meeting minutes October 2
.         Meeting minutes October 23
Speaking Intensive Committee
.        Action Items November 19
Teaching Center Advisory Committee
.       Meeting minutes October 16
.       Meeting minutes November 13
Writing Intensive Committee
no report

All reports accepted.

IV. Unfinished Business

1. J-term assessment
.      Proposed student questionnaire

Approved. Will be administered along with course evaluations.

2. Recommendations for Interim Provost hiring process

The UFC and President Paino agreed to place 7 faculty representatives on a search committee for an Interim Provost. The search will be internal. Representation will be as follows: 1 COE, 1 COB, 3 CAS, 2 at-large. The UFC has charged the UFOC with conducting an election, to be concluded by Dec. 15.

V. New Business

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