UFC Agenda – December 2, 2020

December 2, 2020 UFC Meeting (4:00PM; remote via Zoom)

I. Call to Order

II. Meeting Minutes

Draft Minutes – October 21, 2020 UFC Meeting

Draft Minutes – October 27, 2020 UFC Special Meeting

III. Reports

1. President Paino
2. Provost Mikhalevsky
3.Office of Admissions fall 2021 recruitment report
4. College Deans

Dean Pete Kelly, CoE   
-Dean Keith Mellinger, CAS
-Dean Lynne Richardson, CoB  – no report  

5. SGA Representative’s Report (Kyree Ford)  – no report
6. SAC Representative’s Report (Michelle Pickham)  – no report
7. UFC Chair’s Report (Andrew Dolby)
8. UFC Vice Chair’s Report (Ken Machande) – no report
9. Faculty Senate of Virginia (Marcel Rotter)
10. University Committees – minutes, reports, and action items

University Academic Affairs Committee
.      Meeting minutes November 5
University Budget Advisory Committee
.      Meeting minutes October 15
.      Meeting minutes October 22
.      Meeting minutes October 29
.      Meeting minutes November 5
.      Meeting minutes November 12
University Curriculum Committee
.      Meeting minutes November 20
University Faculty Affairs Committee
.      Meeting minutes November 12
.      Action Item November 12
University Faculty Organization Committee
.      Meeting minutes November 12
University General Education Committee
.      Action Items November 9
.      Substitution for Intermediate Competency in Second Language
University Sabbaticals, Fellowships & Faculty Awards Committee
no report
University Student Affairs & Campus Life Advisory Committee
.        Meeting minutes November 16
Bachelor of Liberal Studies (BLS) Committee
.        Meeting minutes October 20
Distance and Blended Learning Committee
.        Meeting minutes November 13
First Year Seminar Committee
.         Action Items November 20
Honors Program Committee
.        Meeting minutes November 13
.         Action Items November
James Farmer Multicultural Center Advisory Committee
.         Meeting minutes November 13
.         Programming Report November
Journalism Advisory Committee
.         Meeting minutes October 2
.         Meeting minutes October 23
Speaking Intensive Committee
.        Action Items November 19
Teaching Center Advisory Committee
.       Meeting minutes October 16
.       Meeting minutes November 13
Writing Intensive Committee
no report

All reports accepted.

IV. Unfinished Business

1. J-term assessment
.      Proposed student questionnaire

Approved. Will be administered along with course evaluations.

2. Recommendations for Interim Provost hiring process

The UFC and President Paino agreed to place 7 faculty representatives on a search committee for an Interim Provost. The search will be internal. Representation will be as follows: 1 COE, 1 COB, 3 CAS, 2 at-large. The UFC has charged the UFOC with conducting an election, to be concluded by Dec. 15.

V. New Business

1.  University Academic Affairs Committee Motion to add the following language to the Graduate Academic Catalog at all necessary locations deemed required by the Office of the Registrar: “Students wishing to take graduate education courses as a non-degree student must have an undergraduate GPA of at least 2.5 and must maintain a B- or better in all courses completed at UMW.  For graduate education courses, non-degree students may take no more than six courses prior to enrolling in a degree program.  Four of these courses may be used to count toward a degree if the student applies and is admitted to a degree program at a later date.  Graduate education courses completed more than four years before a matriculated student completes a degree program will not count towards degree requirements”.

Added to New Business from the floor by Andrew Dolby (contained in UAAC’s Nov. 5 meeting minutes). Approved.

2.  University Budget Advisory Committee Motion


3. University Curriculum Committee Action Items

Approved. Andrew Dolby has now approved items in CIM on behalf of the UFC.

4. University Faculty Affairs Committee Action Item

Only substitution of “University Faculty Council” with “University Faculty Affairs Committee” approved.

5. University General Education Committee Action Items

6. First Year Seminar Committee Action Items

7. Honors Program Committee Action Items

8. Speaking Intensive Committee Action Items

9. Proposed Faculty Handbook Language for a permanent Digital Intensive Committee

10. Policy on Recording Class and Distribution of Course Materials

Items 5-10 approved.

11. Substitute Motion on Alternative Grading for Spring 2021 – submitted by Anand Rao to be considered before the previously submitted motions on alternative grading

Previously Submitted Motions on Alternative Grading for Spring 2021

Motions withdrawn. Outcomes from Fall 2020 alternative grading policy should be evaluated first before a decision is made about whether to extend alternative grading to Spring 2021 (and if extended, in what form?). The issue has been referred to UAAC for further study and will be taken up by the UFC again during its February 3 meeting.

If students have questions about alternative grading this fall, the Registrar’s Office has prepared a helpful FAQ document.

11. Resolution of thanks and appreciation

Presented to Dr. John Morello. Special thanks to Professor Kristin Marsh for preparing it.

VI. Announcements

  • The next regularly scheduled UFC meeting will be held on February 3, 2021 at 4:00PM (via Zoom).

VII. Adjournment

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