Writing Intensive Committee


MEETING DATES 2014-2015:

August 18     11:00 am

September 10  5:00 pm

October 1  5:00 pm

November 12 5:00 pm

December 10  5:00 pm

January 28

Additional Spring 2015 meeting dates TBD

2014-2015 Submission due dates for new WI course designations:

Spring 2015 courses: proposals should be received by September 5, 2014

Summer 2015 courses: proposals should be received by November 4, 2014

Fall term 2015 courses: proposals should be received by January 20, 2015

Send proposals to Warren Rochelle, chair of the committee.
Proposal Form available here. WI-New-Course-Form

WI Committee Faculty Members for 2014-2015

  • 2015 Nina Mikhalevsky (Professor, CAS) - Secretary
  • 2016 Warren Rochelle (Professor, CAS) – Chair
  • 2016 Marcelo Jajardo-Cardenas (Assistant, CAS)
  • 2017 Roberta Gardner (Assistant, COE)
  • 2017 Dan Hubbard (Associate, COB)


  • Director of the University Writing Centers and Writing  Program, Gwen Hale

For more information about the Writing Intensive Program, go to the Writing Intensive Program webpage. DUTIES 2.8.7 The committee’s duties are to: .1 Study and recommend to the University Faculty Council procedures and criteria for approval, deletion, and alteration of course offerings in the writing intensive Across-the-Curriculum requirement; .2 Review and approve or reject proposals from the various departments for courses to be designated writing intensive; .3 Review at its discretion the frequency of offering and general relevance of courses so designated and make recommendations for changes as appropriate; .4 Perform any and all additional duties, such as evaluating transfer credit, pertaining to the committee at the request of the committee chair; .5 Make information available regarding the procedures and deadlines for proposing courses to the general education committee; and .6 Perform other duties as assigned by the UFC.