UFC Agenda – April 4, 2018

Digital Auditorium (HCC), 3:30-5:30pm

  1. Call to Order
  2. Meeting Minutes
    1. February 28 Meeting Minutes

I. Reports

  1. President Paino (video report)
    1. One minor correction: Forum for students on tuition and fees is April 11 at 7 PM in the Magnolia room of the UC.
  2. Provost Mikhalevsky
  3. College Deans
    1. Keith Mellinger, CAS
    2. Pete Kelly, CoE
    3. Ken Machande, CoB
  4. SGA Representative’s Report
  5. SAC Representative Report
  6. UFC Chair’s Report
  7. UFC Vice Chair’s Report
  8. Faculty Senate of Virginia
  9. University Committees – minutes, reports, and action items
    1. University Academic Affairs Committee
      1. none
    2. University Budget Advisory Committee
      1. none
    3. University Curriculum Committee
      1. Minutes of the March 23 meeting
    4. University Faculty Affairs Committee
      1. Minutes from the January 24 meeting
    5. University Faculty Organization Committee
      1. none
    6. University General Education Committee
      1. Minutes of the March 19 meeting
      2. Language Outcomes Assessment Plan
    7. University Sabbaticals, Fellowships & Faculty Awards Committee
      1. none
    8. University Student Affairs & Campus Life Advisory Committee
      1. none
    9. Bachelor of Liberal Studies (BLS) Committee
      1. Minutes from the February 13 meeting
      2. Draft-Minutes from the March 13 meeting
    10. Distance and Blended Learning Committee
      1. Minutes of the March 21 meeting
    11. First Year Seminar Committee
      1. Minutes of the November 16 meeting
      2. Summary of the December electronic Discussions
      3. Summary of the January electronic Discussions
      4. Minutes of the March 14 meeting
    12. Honors Program Committee
      1. Minutes from the March 1 meeting
    13. James Farmer Multicultural Center Advisory Committee
      1. none
    14. Speaking Intensive Committee
      1. none
    15. Teaching Center Advisory Committee
      1. none
    16. Writing Intensive Committee
      1. Action Items from the March 24 meeting

II. Unfinished Business

1. From the General Education  Committee

New motion:
[Replacing last meeting’s] Motion 15: Students in EL courses should reflect on several questions about their experience before completing the survey. SAGE 000 EL and all 499 courses completed for EL credit must complete a written self-reflection using these questions.
Professors in other courses may elect to incorporate these reflection questions directly into the experiential learning course as a written assignment – e.g., a set of journal exercises, internship reflection assignment, final reflection paper, or whatever works for the professor and student.

The questions are as follows:

Briefly describe your experience. What was the most interesting thing you learned during this experience? What knowledge or skills acquired or developed while in college were most useful in this experience? (explain)
What were you hoping to learn from this learning experience? Were you able to shape the experience so that you got what you were hoping for?
What knowledge or skills developed while in this experience were relevant to your undergraduate coursework? (explain) What knowledge or skills developed while in this experience broadened your perspectives on the world? (explain)
What problems or struggles did you encounter in this experience, if any? If so, how did you solve them? What did you do well? (Consider your time management, organization, teamwork, and/or professionalism as well as your own knowledge or expertise). In what areas would you most like to continue to strengthen your knowledge or skills? Has this experience changed your post-graduation plans? If so, how? Has it helped you understand what you do or don’t want to do with your career?

2. Follow-up feedback discussion about the Community Values Drafts (Anand Rao)

III. New Business

1. From the General Education Committee

1. Community Engagement Course Proposals. Approve as is, no revisions:

a. CHEM 493 – Slunt

b. MGMT 301 – Gower

2. Approved. Before offering the course as CE, please be sure to list the Community Engagement Learning Outcomes on the syllabus.

a. GEO 490 – Patterson

b. ECON 490 – Humphrey

c. COMM 206 – Rao, Johnson-Young

3. Language Outcomes Assessment Plan

2. From the FSEM Committee

Approved course proposals:

1. Rosemary Arneson’s proposal, entitled “Booking It,”

2. Andrew Dolby and Parrish Waters for modification of an existing FSEM entitled “The Human Animal” to include a study-abroad opportunity in Tanzania

3. Maya Mathur’s proposal, entitled “Shakespeare and Popular Culture,”

4. Randall Reif’s proposal to be approved to teach the existing FSEM entitled “Science and Technology: Because We Can Should We?”

3. From the Honors Program Committee

Proposal approved to designated CPSC 491: Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing as a course that fulfills the Research Methodology Course Proposal for one student.

4. From the BLS Committee

Approval of Brian Sherwood’s special major after title change to “Counseling Studies”.

5. From the Distance and Blended Learning Committee

Approved Course Proposals:

ENGL 202 (Gwendolyn Hale) – Approved with updates.

HSCI 120 (Janet Atarthi­Dugan, Mary Jane Bowles, Dorothy Chase, Lisa Lucas, Pam McCullough):

NURS 320 (Tracy McDermot Trevino):

6. From the Writing Center Committee

The Writing Intensive Committee recommends approval of the following course, effective spring 2018:

a. WGST 102 – Perspectives in Sexualities: Queer Studies (Instructor: Cedric Rucker)

7. From the Open UMW Group

IV. Announcements

CAS P&T Committee Tenure Workshop

Thursday, 10 May, NOON-2:30pm (HCC, Digital Auditorium)
Noon-12:30pm  Lunch
12:30 – 1:30pm  How to Prepare a Digital Tenure File*
1:30 – 2:30pm   Breakout sessions for tenured and tenure-track faculty
Session A (for tenure track faculty): How to Prepare for Promotion and Tenure at UMW
(panel hosted by current CAS P&T members)
Session B (for tenured faculty): How to Prepare for Promotion at UMW
(panel hosted by current and former CAS P&T members who have been promoted to Professor)
In F17 CAS governance approved the longstanding request by CAS P&T that tenure files be digitized.  Beginning in AY2018-19, all candidates for tenure and promotion or promotion will submit a digitized tenure file.
Please keep an eye out for a follow up email with the specific location and Google Docs RSVP form.  Colleagues with questions regarding the tenure workshop should contact Rosalyn Cooperman (rcooperm@umw.edu).

V. Adjournment

The next UFC meeting will be held on April 23, 2018, from 3:30-5:30pm in the HCC Digital Auditorium.

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