Distance and Blended Learning Committee


Deadlines to Submit Majority Online Course Proposal to Committee:

  • 9/1/2014: Proposals due to the Committee for Spring semester delivery
  • 10/31/2014: Proposals due to the Committee for Summer semester delivery
  • 1/30/2015: Proposals due to the Committee for Fall semester delivery

 Majority Online Course Proposalsshould be sent via email to Teresa Coffman, tcoffman@umw.edu

  • 2015 Teresa Coffman  (COE) - Chair
  • 2016 Debbie Hydorn (CAS) – Secretary
  • 2016 Nicole Myers (COE)
  • 2017 Sarah Morealli (CAS)
  • 2017 Chad Murphy (CAS)

Ex-Officio Members

  • Jim Groom, Director of the Division of Teaching and Learning with Technology
  • Mary Kayler, Director of the University Teaching Center
  • Paul Boger, Representative appointed by the University Librarian from the UMW Libraries
  • Greta Franklin, Representative appointed by the Vice President of Student Affairs from Student Affairs
  • Representative appointed by the Chief Information Officer


2.8.1 The committee’s duties are to :

.1 Maintain the quality and integrity of the curriculum for courses and programs offered in a majority online format;

.2 Establish procedures and criteria for approval, deletion, and alteration of courses and programs offered in a majority online format;

.3 Review and approve or reject proposals from the various departments for courses to be offered in a majority online format;

.4 Review and evaluate majority online courses on a scheduled and on-going basis to ensure that courses continue to represent the tradition of quality education at UMW, making suggestions for course revisions or removal from the curriculum as appropriate;

.5 Perform any and all additional duties pertaining to this committee at the request of the committee’s chair;

.6 Make information available regarding the procedures and deadlines for proposing courses to the appropriate oversight committee; and

.7 Perform other duties as assigned by the UFC.