UFC Agenda – April 23, 2018

Digital Auditorium (HCC), 3:30-5:30pm

  1. Call to Order
  2. Meeting Minutes
    1. April 4 meeting

I. Reports

  1. President Paino
  2. Provost Mikhalevsky
  3. College Deans
    1. Keith Mellinger, CAS
    2. Pete Kelly, CoE
    3. Ken Machande, CoB
  4. SGA Representative’s Report
  5. SAC Representative Report (Christy Pack)
  6. UFC Chair’s Report
  7. UFC Vice Chair’s Report
  8. Faculty Senate of Virginia
  9. Sabrina Johnson, VP for equity and access
  10. University Committees – minutes, reports, and action items
    1. University Academic Affairs Committee
      1. none
    2. University Budget Advisory Committee
      1. none
    3. University Curriculum Committee
      1. none
    4. University Faculty Affairs Committee
      1. Minutes from the February 14 meeting
    5. University Faculty Organization Committee
      1. none
    6. University General Education Committee
      1. Minutes from the April 9 meeting
    7. University Sabbaticals, Fellowships & Faculty Awards Committee
      1. none
    8. University Student Affairs & Campus Life Advisory Committee
      1. none
    9. Bachelor of Liberal Studies (BLS) Committee
      1. Minutes of the March 13 meeting
    10. Distance and Blended Learning Committee
      1. none
    11. First Year Seminar Committee
      1. none
    12. Honors Program Committee
      1. Minutes of the April 3 meeting
    13. James Farmer Multicultural Center Advisory Committee
      1. none
    14. Speaking Intensive Committee
      1. Draft Minutes from the April17 meeting
    15. Teaching Center Advisory Committee
      1. none
    16. Writing Intensive Committee
      1. none
    17. Climate Survey report (Debra Schleef)
    18. Reports by Presidential Committee chairs:

Parking Committee: Lynne Richardson

President’s Council on Wellness:
Terri Arthur, Employee Relations Analyst
Jennifer Cooper, Human Resource Analyst
Kelly Shannon, Director of Campus Recreation

II. Unfinished Business

1. Discussion on evaluation of general education requirements

2. Discussion on adding members to the General Education Committee temporarily during the re-evaluation of the general education requirements

III. New Business

1. From the Honors Committee

The committee considered a proposal to designate GEOG 365: Field Methods (Geographies of Children) as a course that honors students can use to fulfill the Honors Program Research Methodologies Course requirement. Action – unanimously approved.

  1.  From the General Education Committee

    a. Courses for re-evaluation for general education credit

a. Gabrielle Giannone – ALPP

The committee voted to approve ALPP general education credit for Gabrielle Giannone

b. Eleni Antzoulatos – Request for HES exception

The committee agreed to grant Eleni Antzoulatos’ request owing to an error resulting from a previous glitch in the degree auditing system.

The committee reminds all academic advisors and students that the HES requirement stipulates that at least one of the two courses required for completion be selected from the approved HES courses in ANTH, ECON, GEOG, LING, PSCI, PSYC, or SOCG.

b. Gen Ed Course Proposal Form

There were two main suggestions for the new form

1. Separate form for each general education category

2. Sections on form for projected enrollment and number of sections offered per year

The committee also agreed to impose moratorium on new course proposals for general education courses until the new general education curriculum is approved by the University Faculty Council.

IV. Nomination for UFC elections officers for the 2018/19 Academic Year

UFC Chair: Jackie Gallagher

UFC chair-elect: Anand Rao

Secretary: Dave Henderson

Parliamentarian: tbd

Elections will be held during the first organizing meeting on August 23, 2018 at 3pm.

V. Announcements

CAS P&T Committee Tenure Workshop

Thursday, 10 May, NOON-2:00pm (HCC, Digital Auditorium)
Noon-12:30pm  Lunch
12:30 – 1:00pm  How to Prepare a Digital Tenure File*
1:00 – 2:00pm   Breakout sessions for tenured and tenure-track faculty
Session A (for tenure track faculty): How to Prepare for Promotion and Tenure at UMW
(panel hosted by current CAS P&T members)
Session B (for tenured faculty): How to Prepare for Promotion at UMW
(panel hosted by current and former CAS P&T members who have been promoted to Professor)

*In F17 CAS governance approved the longstanding request by CAS P&T that tenure files be digitized.  Beginning in AY2018-19, all candidates for tenure and promotion or promotion will submit a digital tenure file.

Please register to attend the lunch and workshop so we have an accurate count for lunch:  https://goo.gl/forms/q83fT8mqKTsGLY703​​
Contact Rosalyn Cooperman with questions. (rcooperm@umw.edu).

VI. Adjournment

The next UFC meeting will be held on August 23, 2018, from 3:00-4:30pm in the HCC Digital Auditorium.

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