UFC Meeting Agenda – October 25, 2017

Digital Auditorium (HCC), 3:30-5:30pm

  1. Call to Order
  2. Meeting Minutes
    1. September 27, 2017,  Meeting Minutes

I. Reports

  1. President Paino
  2. Provost Mikhalevsky
  3. College Deans
    1. Keith Mellinger, CAS
    2. Pete Kelly, CoE
      1. CoE Dean’s Report
    3. Ken Machande, CoB
  4. SGA Representative’s Report
  5. SAC Representative Report
  6. UFC Chair’s Report
  7. ufc-vice-chair-report-10-25-17
  8. University Committees – minutes, reports, and action items
    1. University Academic Affairs Committee
      1.  Action Items from October 11 meeting
      2. Draft Minutes from October 11 meeting
    2. University Budget Advisory Committee
      1. Minutes from October 4 meeting 
    3. University Curriculum Committee
      1. Minutes from the October 11 meeting
    4. University Faculty Affairs Committee
      1. Draft minutes from October 4 meeting
      2. Approved Minutes from August 30 meeting
    5. University Faculty Organization Committee
      1. none
    6. University General Education Committee
      1. Minutes of from the October 9 meting
    7. University Sabbaticals, Fellowships & Faculty Awards Committee
      1. Minutes from the September 28 meeting
    8. University Student Affairs & Campus Life Advisory Committee
      1. none
    9. Bachelor of Liberal Studies (BLS) Committee
      1. none
    10. Distance and Blended Learning Committee
      1. none
    11. First Year Seminar Committee
      1. none
    12. Honors Program Committee
      1. none
    13. James Farmer Multicultural Center Advisory Committee
      1. none
    14. Speaking Intensive Committee
      1. none
    15. Teaching Center Advisory Committee
      1. none
    16. Writing Intensive Committee
      1. Writing Intensive Committee Action Items 10-10-2017
      2. Writing Intensive Committee Meeting Minutes 10-10-2017

II. Unfinished Business

  1. none

III. New Business

  1. From Academic Affairs:

    1. Motion: The Department of Modern Languages & Literatures recommends that back (or retroactive) credit in the amount of three credits be awarded if the student, upon taking a UMW language placement exam, then takes the same language at the level in which (s)he placed, and successfully completes that level (course) with a B- or higher.
  2. From Curriculum Committee:

A. Review new proposals (non-expedited)

BUAD 360 (The Cooperative Business Model)

ACCT 499 (internship in accounting)

MBA degree change (eliminate concentrations)

ARTH 356 (Global Modernisms in East Asian Art)

RELG 208 (Christianity After the New Testament)

RELG 302 (Virgins, Monks, and Hermits)

RELG 309 (Death and Dying in Early Christianity)

ARTH 118 (History of Asian Art)

B. Expedited proposals were noted (no review was needed)

RELG 301 (Jesus in Gospel and Film) deletion

RELG 306 (The World of Early Christianity) deletion

RELG 308 (Gnostic Religions in Late Antiquity) deletion

ARTH 260 and 270 – change (eliminate) prerequisite

ARTH 305, 310, 311, 325, 326 – change (eliminate) prerequisite

ARTH 317 (Laboratory in Museum Studies) – update description

ARTH 330, 331, 332, 340, 341, 350, 351, 352, 354, 355 – change (eliminate) prerequisite

ARTH 360 – change (eliminate) prerequisite

3. From General Education Committee:

1. Community Engagement Learning (CE) Description and Course Proposals (see minutes)

2. Motion: New policy: If a course that meets a General Education requirement has not been taught for three academic years, a department will be notified that the course will be removed from the general education list. Unless the department provides a compelling reason why the course should not be removed, and shows evidence that the department intends to teach the course in the next semester (and then does so), it will be removed from the list of General Education courses. Courses that are removed can be submitted to the General Education committee for reconsideration at a later date.

3. Motion: New policy: If a course that meets a General Education requirement has a prerequisite course in that same general education category (and only once course is needed to satisfy a particular General Education requirement or part of a requirement), a department will be notified that the course is being removed from the general education list. If a prerequisite changes, that second course can be submitted to the General Education committee for reconsideration at a later date.

4. From Writing Intensive Committee

The WI Committee recommends approval of the following WI Course Designation Proposal:

a. BIOL 472: Plant Molecular Biology – April Wynn (instructor) – effective Spring 2018

IV. Announcements

  1. Juliette Lanphair, VP for Student Affairs requesting the University Faculty Council’s consideration of two matters:
    1. Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR) opening: President Troy Paino is searching for candidates for the UMW Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR) position. Currently, Dr. Woody Richardson is serving as interim FAR and has agreed to remain in the role until a permanent FAR is chosen by Dr. Paino.

    According to the NCAA, “the faculty athletics representative (FAR) plays an important role on college campuses, providing oversight of the academic integrity of the athletics program and serving as an advocate for student-athlete well-being. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) requires each of its member institutions to appoint an FAR who must be on the faculty or administrative staff and may not hold a position in the athletics department.”
    Please see the attached UMW Faculty Athletics Representative position description.

    1. College Students’ Views of First Amendment rights:  Over the last year, campus protests over invited speakers have roiled college campuses and even resulted in violence. As a result, many college communities have been undergoing “free speech audits,” reviewing policies and protocols regarding support for free expression.

    As Vice President for Student Affairs and particularly as chairperson of the Violence Prevention Team, I would like to bring to the faculty’s attention a recent Brookings Institution survey about college students’ beliefs regarding First Amendment rights. This survey revealed some notable gaps between what students believe is constitutionally protected speech and actual First Amendment protections. PowerPoint

  2. Debra Schleef, Ph.D., Interim Assistant Provost for Institutional Analysis and Effectiveness
    1. New SCHEV policy
  1. Committees’ prospective agendas for the Academic Year

V. Adjournment

The next UFC meeting will be held on November 29, 2017, from 3:30-5:30pm in the HCC Digital Auditorium.

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