UFC Agenda August 19 (12-3pm, Jepson Alumni Board Room) Working Draft

August 19 UFC Draft Agenda Outline – AY 2022/2023

  • Lunch (45 minutes)
  • Election of Secretary (5 minutes)
  • Provost Update (5-10 minutes)
    • Admissions, Marketing, and Enrollment Updates
    • Other
  • Approve DBLC April 25 Meeting Minutes (2 minutes)
  • SACSCOC Accreditation and QEP – Kimberly Young (30 minutes)
  • Curriculum Workflow, Processes, and Deadlines (10 minutes)
  • Faculty Workload and Morale (30 minutes)
    • Discuss faculty governance structure/restructuring to remove redundancy; unravel complexities of shared faculty governance system
  •  Strategic Direction and New/Upcoming Challenges (30 minutes)
    • How to shift resources in the direction of changing program needs?  What else can we do?
      • Early retirement?
      • Interdisciplinary programs/Collaborations?
      • Further integrate academics with CCE?
  • Additional old business (Remaining Time)
    • Finalize Midterm eval/grades discussion
    • Revisit pre-COVID discussion on DFW courses – how to support faculty teaching these courses
    • Building a year-long schedule rather than semester-by-semester
    • J-term and other calendar discussions – update from committee?


  1. Gonzalo Campos DIntrans says

    About mid term grades…
    I think they are useful, and any information in addition to “U” helps, for example, the student’s current grade or any other observation or measure that the faculty member can provide if they choose to do so.
    What needs to change, in my opinion, is something about the platform itself. There should be a button to check when no students have a U, that would eliminate any doubts about whether the report is being made or not.

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