UMW Budget Environment 2013

This is a presentation made to the UFC last week by Paul Messplay on the university budget with reference to the need for reallocation. We decided that the information presented would be useful for all faculty as a web video. … [Read more...]

Task Forces for Reallocation Study

Hello everyone, I am emailing you to update you on the progress of the University Faculty Council in determining a process for electing the faculty members of the task forces for the reallocation study, which we were asked to do by President Hurley at the beginning of December. The UFC has charged the UFOC to put out a call for nominations for an election of 20 faculty (associate level and above) to the two task forces (support and academic). Each task force will have fifteen members.  The President will assign eleven of the elected faculty members to the academic task force and four to the non-academic task force. The five not chosen by President Hurley will remain as alternates (if one of the others cannot serve or backs out). President Hurley will then appoint four other members of the faculty to fill out the remainder of the academic task force. Faculty can be nominated or can self-nominate. Individuals may indicate a preference for support, academic, or no preference … [Read more...]


Welcome to the UFC website.   … [Read more...]