Agenda, August 16, 2021

UFC Agenda –

August 16, 2021 (3-4:30, via Zoom)

Meeting Agenda

I. Call to Order, 3:00 p.m. (Kristin Marsh)

II. Welcome to new UFC members and University committee leadership (3 minutes)

III. Approval of minutes, April 14, 2021  (2 minutes)

IV. Faculty Governance Organizational discussion:

V. Faculty Senate of Virginia. Please consider taking on a representative role. Meetings are just twice a year, plus the bonus of Higher Education Advocacy Day in January.

VI. On-line course approvals, from Distance & Blended Learning Committee (10 minutes).

VII. Update on opening plans: Provost O’Donnell. Discussion: Faculty concerns about teaching in person & transmissibility of Delta variant. (Item suggested by Jennifer Barry, CPR)

VIII. Start of Discussion: Contradiction between work needed to keep things running and the contract period (time remaining)

IX. Additional points of discussion/questions?

X. Adjournment (4:30 or bust)



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