JFMC Agenda 9 10 15

Minutes of the Meeting of the James Farmer Multicultural Center Faculty Advisory Committee
Present: Melody Denhere (Chair); Antonio Causarano (Secretary); Tracy Citeroni; Marion Sanford (JFMC Director); Jose Sainz; Xiaofeng Zhao
1. Introductions were given by the committee members. Marion shared that the recommendations for the two student members will go forward soon to the institution for approval.
2. Director’s Report
 Staff updates – Marion announced that a new staff member joined the JFMC team that morning. Mr. James Bland began his new role as Assistant Director of the JFMC. Also, we are beginning the year without a new person in the position of the James Farmer Visiting Professor Post-doctoral Fellow for Civil Rights and Social Justice. It is anticipated that a search will take place this year to identify a new person for next year.
 The 22nd Annual Cultural Awareness Series 2015-2016 is underway. The series is an important part of the multicultural celebrations at the University of Mary Washington. It is also part of the commitment of the James Farmer Multicultural Center to always honor the commitment and the legacy of Dr. Farmer in terms of diversity and social justice.
 The Director also reported on the other important events that will take place at the University of Mary Washington throughout the year. The Latino Identities Month was part of the discussion during the meeting. It was noted the kick-off event for this celebration will take place next Tuesday, Sept. 15th. The Jewish Cultural
celebration, the 26th Multicultural Fair, Islamic Cultural Celebration and Women’s History Month Keynote speaker, Nancy Redd, were introduced as well.
 Also, Marion highlighted the new Civility Series, “One Campus One Community.” She discussed during the meeting this initiative was implemented to ‘address issues of conflict resolution, civility, and diversity among all the members of the UMW community.’ It is a collaborative effort, led by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, with different departments and student leaders.
 Marion stated there were several successful Safe-Zone training workshops held last year. Different faculty and staff members served as the facilitators. Interested persons and departments who wanted the training contacted Dr. Leah Cox for these sessions. These training workshops will continue this year.
3. Other
There was no other business.
Next Meeting
10/01/2015 Room 319, University Center at 4:00 pm


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