Motion to Create an Executive Committee

Motion to create a UFC Executive Committee

I propose the creation of an Executive Committee, to consist of the UFC Chair, UFC Vice-Chair, Chair of the University Academic Affairs Committee, Chair of the University Faculty Affairs Committee. If we are arguing resources, then Chair of Sabbaticals, Fellowships & Faculty Awards Committee makes sense – but, that a different kind of committee.

These people are already UFC members or serve on university committees that deal with resources and the essentials of governance. I believe that we all want an effective and efficient faculty governance. Rather than creating a new committee from different faculty to serve on the University Budget Advisory Committee (UBAC), this group might fulfil the function of the UBAC as well as other functions, with the elimination of that committee.


Rationale: I see several reasons for this committee.

  1. At times, a small group of UFC representatives is needed to respond quickly to issues brought up by the administration. This group would serve that function.
  2. At times, the UFC Chair needs advice on how to handle issues. This group would serve that function.
  3. Currently, the University Budget Advisory Committee is dysfunctional. While the UFC charged the UFOC with review of the charges of the UBAC in October, and they were discussed, new duties have not been written. The UBAC moved to dissolve that committee in Spring 2018 because it no longer felt useful; it did not meet or submit any minutes for the academic year 2018-19. Dates for Budget Development have changed, and Paul Messplay has a different attitude and level of transparency compared to past CFOs. I suggest that an Executive Committee try working with the administration for this coming year to see if this model works. State funding requests are due in September, requiring any committee to gather and quickly collect and disseminate feedback. A small, nimble committee of leaders already involved in governance might be better suited to this task.

This committee might also serve to adjudicate petitions when necessary.