UFC Meeting Agenda – April 24, 2017

UFC Meeting Agenda – April 24, 2017

I. Call to Order

II. Previous Meeting Minutes

III. Reports

  1. President Paino
  2. Acting Provost Mikhalevsky
  3. Guest Report – Dr. Juliette Landphair, Vice President for Student Affairs
    1. Student Affairs handout distributed at the UFC meeting
  4. College Deans
  5. SGA Representative – Lindsey Kowaki, Academic Affairs Chair
  6. UFC Chair
    1. Report to the Board of Visitors – April 21, 2017
    2. Faculty Senate of Virginia – April 8, 2017 Meeting Report
    3. Faculty/Staff Dining – proposal for next year
  7. UFC Vice-Chair
  8. Staff Advisory Committee Representative – Julie Smith, SAC President
    1. April 24, 2017 SAC Report
  9. University Committees – minutes, reports, and action items [all minutes, reports, and action items accepted and approved by the UFC]
    1. Sabbaticals, Fellowships, and Faculty Awards Committee – March 29, 2017 Meeting Minutes
    2. Distance and Blended Learning Committee – March 2017 Online Action Items
      1. April 10, 2017 Meeting Minutes and Actions Items

IV. Unfinished Business

  1. Motion: Change to the Faculty Handbook 5.4.8 Course Evaluations – Submitted by Debra Schleef (Office of Institutional Analysis and Effectiveness) and approved by the University Faculty Affairs Committee [motion tabled to allow time for the CAS Faculty Council to review and comment] [motion failed]
    1. Minutes from the April 19, 2017, College of Arts & Sciences Faculty Council Meeting (including 2 alternatives intended for the UFC meeting discussion)
    2. [alternate motion passed: Endorse a change in the evaluation policy by extending it to all the faculty, every semester, but only for the next academic year (no change to the handbook) and only if the change in the policy is done in context with a broader discussion of faculty evaluation.  At the end of the academic year, we would encourage University Faculty Affairs Committee, in collaboration with the University Academic Affairs Committee, and with the Office of Institutional Analysis and Effectiveness, to bring this back for consideration.]
  2. Discussion of Anticipated Agenda Items for 2017-2018

V. New Business

  1. Motion to Change Requirements for Participation in Commencements – submitted by Eric Bonds [motion referred to the University Academic Affairs Committee for consideration in consultation with the University Registrar]
  2. Motion: Charge the Sabbaticals, Fellowships, and Faculty Awards Committee to review applications and make a recommendations to the Provost on the awarding of faculty endowed chairs – submitted by Acting Provost Nina Mikhalevsky [motion passed]

VI. Announcements – none

VII. Meeting adjourned at 5:20pm

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