Minutes from the February Meeting James Farmer Multicultural Committee

Minutes of the Meeting of the James Farmer Multicultural Center Faculty Advisory Committee


February 24 2016


Present: Melody Denhere (Chair, CAS); Antonio Causarano (Secretary, COE); Marion Sanford (JFMC Director); Xiaofeng Zhao (COB); Jose Sainz (CAS)excused ; Davarien Sayles (Student Representative); Mariam Ansari (Student Representative). Apologies: Tracy Citeroni (CAS)


  1. Director’s Report


  • Updates to the activities-Marion updated the Committee on the upcoming activities for the Spring 2016 semester. She reported on the remaining Black History Month (BHM) events, including the Great Lives event 2/25/16 highlighting Ethel Payne. She indicated there were over 500 individuals who attended the Step Show that past weekend.  The Black Student Association sponsored a Blood Drive, that in spite of the snow days that preceded it, still had over 35 donations.  Overall, Marion stated the BHM celebration was a success.
  • Women’s History Month (WHM) and Islamic Cultural celebrations were the next two major cultural events for the UIMW community. The WHM events will begin on March 7th with an open class lecture, as well as an exhibit on the 2nd floor of the University Center. She shared that the keynote speaker, Ms. Nancy Redd, is a former Miss Virginia (the second African American to win this title) and a Miss America top 10 finalist.  She is an activist of many causes, a political analyst and best-selling author of two books.  Prior to the keynote speech, there will be a special award given to a local community member, Ms. Gladys White Jordan, by the UMW Board of Visitors.
  • The Islamic Cultural Celebration poster is near finalized and will be distributed soon. The student leadership of ISA have been working hard to coordinate a meaningful and exciting line-up of events.
  • The Director shared that the ongoing initiatives are taking place to further address inclusion and campus climate issues. The Civility Series will continue, along with others programs addressing cultural competency and understanding different religions.
  • The “Religion in our Community – Can Religious Harmony Exist” will take place 2/25/16 at 6 pm in the Chandler Ballroom. The panelists include several distinguished religious leaders from the community.  This program is sponsored by the DUCC of the SGA and the JFMC.
  • Social Justice Summit and Leadership is still scheduled for Saturday, March 19th in the Digital Auditorium. More information will be going out soon regarding this program.  This program is sponsored by STP and JFMC.  There are at least two other social justice teach-ins scheduled next month.
  • The celebration of Chinese New Year was well received by the UMW students and community. It took place on Saturday, Feb. 20th in the Underground, Lee Hall.  Several students and faculty performed at the event throughout the afternoon.
  • The new Meditation Space is almost ready in the University Center, room 235. The goal is to have it online shortly after spring break.


  1. Other

There was no other business.


Next Meeting

3/23/16 at 4pm in UC 319

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