UFOC Minutes from February 11, 2015

20150211 UFOC Minutes … [Read more...]

Student Affairs Committee Meeting – Minutes – November 11, 2014

UMW Student Affairs Committee - Minutes November 11, 2014 … [Read more...]

UFOC Minutes

Here are the minutes from yesterday's UFOC meeting: 20141103 UFOC Minutes. … [Read more...]

UFOC Minutes and Proposal

Here are the minutes from the 9/22 meeting which were then approved through email (20140922 UFOC Minutes) along with the proposal (UFOC Alternative Proposal) that the UFOC recommended to the UFC. … [Read more...]

UFOC Minutes from September 9

The 20140908 UFOC Minutes are available along with the current 2014-2015 UFOC Committee Roster 20140911. … [Read more...]

University Faculty Organization Committee Minutes

20140818 UFOC Minutes  (Draft) … [Read more...]

Student Affairs and Campus Life Advisory Committee August 2014 Minutes – Draft

UMW Student Affairs Committee - Minutes August 18, 2014 … [Read more...]

Faculty Governance Survey Results


UFC Chair Notes from April 18-19 BOV meeting

Notes from the April 18-19 BOV meeting   BOV April … [Read more...]

Roster of University Committees

To facilitate elections and appointments next week, a roster of all current committee members and their terms of service has been posted to the page University Committees. … [Read more...]